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Edmonton dentist discusses how to stop wisdom tooth pain and get lasting relief

Occasionally, wisdom teeth can cause painful problems

Occasionally, wisdom teeth can cause painful problems. Symptoms arise when they don’t develop or erupt through tissues properly.  HOW TO STOP WISDOM TOOTH PAIN A tooth that partially erupts through the gums or doesn’t erupt through at all can give rise to the following symptoms: Localised pain and swelling Jaw stiffness Irritation to the tongue or palate Even properly-developing teeth can cause transient pain as they eruptthrough the gums. This sensation generally subsides after they fully erupt. Keeping sites clean may ease short-term soreness and gum pain. A dental evaluation is necessary to confirm if the pain is harmless (or … Continue reading

Wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton

Dr. Jerome Caouette recommends wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton

It’s estimated about 85 percent of wisdom teeth cause problems. As humans have evolved, jaws became smaller. Once useful third molars no longer have room to grow. If they don’t erupt properly, Dr. Jerome Caouette recommends wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton.  WHEN IS IT WISE TO EXTRACT? Wisdom teeth start to develop around age 10. They erupt through the gums between ages 15 to 25. Growth rates and experiences with wisdom teeth vary; for example, some patients’ last molars erupt uneventfully. For many, wisdom tooth pain arises when neighbouring teeth block the developing molar. The tooth only erupts part-way (if at all). … Continue reading

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