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Dental bridges Edmonton, AB


A single missing tooth flaws the symmetry of your smile. Several missing teeth can have a significant impact on how you speak, and your enjoyment of eating. Dental bridges are a sound solution. Dr. Jerome Caouette offers this service at South Central Dentistry in Edmonton, AB.


bridge spans the gap left by a missing tooth, or several in a row.Artificial teeth, called pontics, are attached to crowns. These crowns fit over prepared teeth on either side of the space. A bridge may be made of porcelain, or ceramic with a metal frame for added strength.


Dr. Caouette begins with a thorough examination and oral health evaluation. Together, you and the dentist determine if a dental bridge is the best alternative for your situation, or if a partial denture or dental implants might serve your needs better.

If you decide on the bridge, plan on two visits for the procedure.

At the first appointment:

  • Because your comfort is a top priority, the treatment area is thoroughly numbed.
  • Abutment teeth are prepared. This involves removing sufficient enamel to allow crowns to be fitted over top.
  • Impressions are made. They serve as a model, from which the dental laboratory designs the crowns, pontics, and framework that become your new bridge.
  • Dr. Caouette may provide a temporary bridge, made chairside of composite resin materials, to protect teeth and gums while the bridge is fabricated.

At the second visit, Dr. Caouette removes the temporary restoration. The new bridge is inserted. Fit and bite are carefully checked, with adjustments made as necessary. When you and the dentist are satisfied, the bridge is cemented into place.

There is no need for a missing tooth to compromise your smile. Call South Central Dentistry in Edmonton, AB at (780) 757-3723 to schedule a dental bridge consultation.

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