Clear Aligners

SureSmile Clear Aligners Edmonton

Clear aligners such as SureSmile and Invisalign take a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a series of custom-made aligners created for you and only you. They are removable, comfortable and nearly invisible.

Clear aligners work in a series of trays that gradually shift your teeth into place. Each tray is manufactured so that the teeth are slightly straighter than the previous tray. Every two weeks, you will change to wearing the next set of trays in your series. Your teeth slowly move towards their ideal positions.


Clear Aligners are an aesthetic alternative to conventional braces. SureSmile® works with your dentist to create a personalized treatment plan.

Photos and an x-ray are taken at your initial appointment.

Digital impressions will be taken to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of your mouth. 

Dr. Caouette will work with the SureSmile Digital Lab to provide a comprehensive and customized treatment program for you.

2 weeks later, your SureSmile Aligners and Patient Kit will arrive & your journey to a better smile will officially begin!

Self-confidence detected. Aligner undetected.

Before and after Invisalign clear alignersThis is a photograph of Dr. Jerome Caouette’s patient and/or treatment. Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.

One of the greatest advantages of removable clear aligners, is that you can easily brush and floss your teeth.

This makes them a great choice for teens or anyone who struggles with meticulous oral hygiene.

Your clear and comfortable solution for a better smile starts with a conversation — talk to us today about SureSmile® Clear Aligners.

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