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Dental crowns strengthen and beautify smiles in Edmonton, AB

Dental Crowns

With aesthetic materials and modern techniques, Dr. Jerome Caouette restores oral function and appearance using dental crowns. That is something to smile about for women and men throughout the Edmonton, AB area.


A crown is a cap bonded over a prepared tooth. Crowns may be made of various metals, but porcelain is the most popular choice for its natural appearance.

A crown may be used:

  • For cosmetic improvement in a poorly-shaped or badly discolored tooth.
  • To restore a large area of breakage or decay.
  • To provide strength and protection for a tooth that has had root canal therapy.
  • To restore a dental implant.
  • To anchor a bridge.


A dental crown requires two visits. First, damaged structure is removed and the tooth is shaped. Impressions of your mouth are sent to a dental laboratory, along with detailed information on shading. While the lab fabricates the crown, your tooth is protected with an interim restoration.

You return in a few weeks to have the temporary restoration removed and your beautiful new crown cemented into place. Usually, no anesthetic is needed for this appointment. The crown receives a final polish, and your chewing function and smile appeal are restored.

While the crown cannot get a cavity, natural tooth structure beneath it can develop decay. It is important to brush after meals with a bit of extra attention at the margin (where the crown meets gum tissue), and floss before bedtime to avoid risk of decay or gum disease. If you are a bruxer – you clench or grind excessively during sleep – the dentist will talk with you about wearing a night guard to protect your crown and teeth. With normal good oral hygiene, your crown should last many years.

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