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Dental Implants Edmonton

Missing teeth can affect everything from your self-esteem to your ability to eat and chew properly. Don’t suffer any longer with these issues. Let the team at South Central Dentistry help you improve your smile. We are experts in dental implants in Edmonton.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth or teeth that a dentist places directly into your mouth. These implants go into your gum and jaw bone. After a while, the jaw bone accepts the impact and grows around it. Once the jaw grows around the implant, it is secure and will not move.

To secure the tooth, the dentist cuts your gum and drills a hole directly in the bone to insert a metal rod. This metal rod takes the place of the root of your tooth. A fake tooth is then attached to the metal rod. This procedure repeats for any teeth that an implant takes the place of.

The need for a dental implant

If a tooth needed removal or sustained some type of trauma and got knocked out of a person’s mouth, an implant serves a great purpose. A tooth serves more than just a cosmetic purpose. Our teeth help us complete several tasks each day. Our teeth help us bite food and chew it. The loss of teeth hinders our ability to bite and chew and will affect our ability to process food properly. Missing teeth also affect the jawbone and the surrounding teeth leading to additional problems.

Missing teeth also lead to self-esteem issues. Our smile is the first thing others see about us and there is an unfortunate stigma attached to people who are missing teeth. This stigma can cost them jobs and cause them to face other forms of discrimination. Our dental implants in Edmonton give them back their confidence and remove the stigma. 

Dental implant vs. dentures

Implants and dentures both help people have full sets of teeth. There are differences, however. Dentures always replace more than one tooth. There are sets of partial dentures one can have or a full set that replaces all teeth in the mouth. Dentures, however, are not a permanent part of the mouth.

An implant is a permanent part of the mouth. Only a dentist can remove an implant, and it must happen via surgery. An implant can also replace fewer numbers of teeth at a time. A feature of implants that some patients enjoy is these teeth do not slip or move while eating or talking like dentures can.

Healing time after implants

Healing time varies from patient to patient. A patient is only to eat soft foods for at least 2-7 days post-surgery. This gives you time to heal and have the swelling go down. It also provides the jawbone with time to enclose around the implant rod. After healing, patients can resume a normal life eating whatever they want.

Don’t delay restoring your smile. Let South Central Dentistry help you with dental implants in Edmonton.

Dental Implants Edmonton

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