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Dental Implants and

Bone Grafting

A missing tooth has potential to affect your smile and how you speak. Resulting changes in eating habits may impact whole body wellness. In addition, a missing tooth allows bone resorption – natural shrinkage that contributes to a sunken facial appearance. Dental implants address all these concerns effectively. This long-term tooth replacement solution is available at South Central Dentistry in Edmonton, AB.

The Procedure

A dental implant is a tiny screw made of a biocompatible material. In a brief surgical procedure, the implant is precisely placed into the jawbone. The small soft tissue incision heals quickly. Over several months, bone fuses solidly with the implant, mimicking the root of a tooth. The implant becomes the foundation for a dental restoration.

The success rate for dental implants is very high. With good oral hygiene, an implant can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are commonly used for stand-alone tooth replacement. A post or abutment is inserted into the implant, to hold a porcelain crown. The new tooth looks, feels, and functions just like a natural one.

Other Dental Implant  Applications

Dental Implants have other applications, as well:

  • Multiple missing teeth or a whole arch may be restored with implants.
  • Implants may be used to anchor a fixed dental bridge, or removable partial denture.
  • As few as four implants can secure a whole arch of teeth (a full denture) with an amazing level of stability.
  • Because dental implants resides in the jaw, like a natural tooth, it provides vital stimulation to keep bone strong and dense. Most patients, even those with bone loss, can be good candidates with bone grafting, a relatively simple procedure performed in advance of implantation.

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