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Preventive Dentistry in Edmonton AB

Dr Gerome Providing Preventative Care Treatment

According to Health Canada, 12 percent of Canadians had chronic mouth pain in the last year; 96 percent of adults have had at least one cavity, and 21 percent have experienced advanced gum disease. Oral health problems result in about 2.26 million missed days of school, and 4.15 million lost working-days each year. Here are three bits of great news:

  • Most oral health problems can be prevented.
  • Prevention is easier and more economical than restoration, and causes no discomfort.
  • You don’t have to go it alone! Healthy mouths and gorgeous smiles start with preventative dental care at South Central Dentistry in Edmonton.


South Central Dentistry offers a broad range of general dentistry services. However, they’d rather help you avoid the need for restorative treatments, by keeping your mouth healthy and safe with:

  • Advice on nutrition and lifestyle habits.
  • Hands-on demonstrations of proper brushing and flossing technique, with special focus on keeping restorations like dental bridges and crowns clean.
  • Informative literature.
  • Professional dental cleanings, at least twice a year, to remove plaque and bacteria from spots you can’t see or reach with home care.
  • Thorough examinations, including x-rays (as necessary), and oral cancer screening.
  • Sealants and fluoride treatments to keep cavities at bay. Adults, especially smokers, benefit from sealants, too.
  • Nonsurgical periodontal maintenance, to get gum disease under control and halt its advance.
  • Orthopedics – early intervention for children to aid in healthy oral development and reduce the likelihood of orthodontics in the future.
  • Athletic mouthwear to protect teeth and soft tissues from trauma, and possibly reduce risk of concussion.

Oral health has a big impact on your appearance and quality of life. There is also a growing body of evidence supporting the mouth-body connection – the intimate link between oral health and whole body wellness. Preventative care at South Central Dentistry in Edmonton gives you great reasons to smile. Call (780) 757-3723.

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At South Central Dentistry we endeavour to provide every patient with gentle, courteous care delivered with compassion.
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