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Wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton

Dr. Jerome Caouette recommends wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton

It’s estimated about 85 percent of wisdom teeth cause problems. As humans have evolved, jaws became smaller. Once useful third molars no longer have room to grow. If they don’t erupt properly, Dr. Jerome Caouette recommends wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton. 


Wisdom teeth start to develop around age 10. They erupt through the gums between ages 15 to 25. Growth rates and experiences with wisdom teeth vary; for example, some patients’ last molars erupt uneventfully. For many, wisdom tooth pain arises when neighbouring teeth block the developing molar. The tooth only erupts part-way (if at all). These molars affect other teeth when they push up or displace their neighbours. A wisdom tooth infection can occur when gum tissue surrounding the trapped molar harbours food that promotes harmful bacteria. 

Generally, patients who are older than aged 35 have longer healing times than teenagers or those in their 20’s. Extraction may be recommended to prevent future complications and to ensure optimal recovery. 

South Central Dentistry can handle most wisdom tooth extractions in-house. Dr. Caouette and the team combine advanced technologies like 3D imaging and digital X-rays for utmost comfort and safety. Dr. Caouette’s training and tools mean he is equipped to offer mild to moderate sedative options, including oral sedation and IV sedation to help you relax and rest during the procedure. The procedure involves:

  • Comfortable oral and IV sedation if needed
  • Numbing the treatment site
  • Accessing the tooth through the gums
  • Removing the tooth
  • Cleaning the site
  • Placing a stitch if necessary

You’ll receive thorough instructions on how to care for your mouth post-treatment.

We welcome any questions you may have about the cost of wisdom tooth extractions. 

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